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Asia Pacific Percussion Society (APPS) is officially founded!

Asia Pacific Percussion Society (APPS) is officially founded. APPS is a registered non-profit organization and originated in the Pearl of the East - Hong Kong. Percussion can be found in every period of time, every region, and every nation. Almost all nations ended up with their own unique percussion culture. Among all of them, drum is especially prevailing, for instance, the Gamelan from Indonesia, Bamboo Xylophone from Vietnam, Samba from Brazil. Every nation's percussion instrument speaks its own story and history. Unfortunately, some of these precious tradition percussion cultures was lost...

亞太敲擊樂薈APPS正式成立,為註冊非牟利機構,總會扎根在東方之珠-香港。敲擊樂在不同時間、不同地域、不同民族之間一直演奏着,流傳着,最終幾乎每個民族皆有屬於他們自己獨特的、美麗的民族敲擊樂文化。在眾多敲擊樂文化中,鼓文化尤其盛行,種類尤其廣泛,舉例如印尼的Gamelon、巴西的Samba和越南的Bamboo Xylophone各個民族的敲擊樂文化訴說着他們的故事和歷史,可惜,這些值得珍視的敲擊樂文化有部份已經失傳……

Therefore, APPS is established. Our aim is to become the largest support centre of promoting percussion culture in Asia Pacific District through exploring, protecting, and passing on precious percussion cultures. Furthermore, we hope to provide a platform for musicians to exchange ideas, encourage and learn from each other.


Other than that, with the establishment of the organization, Facebook and Instagram of APPS have started running. To understand APPS more, please feel free to follow the Instagram and Facebook account and register to become our ordinary or professional member in order to receive the latest news.


Instagram: appercussions

Facebook: Asia Pacific Percussion Society

Email address 電郵地址

Strike up Asia,

Tap on Pacific hearts.

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