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23/8 Interview Highlights✨

23/8 Interview Highlights✨

Carissa Soares is a percussionist and educator from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺. Here are some highlights of that day for you in case you missed it.

1. Carissa started playing percussion in 2012.

2. She was granted a lot of scholarships provided by private institutions, including the prestigious Tunley Scholarship and many other accolades for percussion performance, including the Ewen Prize in Music and the Edith Cowan Prize.

3. Her goal in music keeps changing. It's about traveling around the world and having solo performances but she thinks she has to be realistic under the COVID situation. She wants to connect her emotion to music in performance by understanding the thinking of the composer.

4. She said that the most memorable overseas performance she had was building close relationships with people.

5. Carissa encountered challenges when hosting concerts and managing Marimbafest. It is her first year being the general manager of Marimbafest and she found it difficult to fit everyone’s schedule and dealing with technical stuff like zoom.

6. She gave some tips for people who also play percussion. The first is to say yes to as many opportunities as they can. The second is to ask questions.

If you wish to review the whole interview, please visit this link

Thank you Carissa for her inspiring sharing with us!

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