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6/9 Interview Highlights✨

6/9 Interview Highlights✨

Natchaphol Jariyatanawut is a percussionist from Thailand.🇹🇭 Here are some highlights of that day for you in case you missed it.

1. He is currently playing classical percussion instruments and his favourite is Marimba.

2. He practices his instruments in university.

3. His goal in music is to try different kinds of musical instruments.

4. He said that classical percussion is not popular in Thailand.

5. The most popular percussion activity in Thailand is the drum set involved in pop songs.

6. He recommends the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra to people who travel to his city.

7. His most memorable competition experience is with his ensemble as he is playing with his close friends.

8. He introduced some ethnic instruments in Thailand including the ระนาดเอก [ra-nad-aek] (Thai Marimba) and ซอ [sor] (Thai string instrument).

If you wish to review the whole interview, please visit this link

Thank you Natchaphol for her inspiring sharing with us!

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