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  • Hellen Lim

APPS x Visual Art Competition

Colour your way to a new drum!

APPS is organising an art competition "APPS x Visual Art Competition"

It allows complete self-expression and supports their creativity and innovative ideas expressed through art.

In the competition, the participants are required to express their creativity by drawing on a sheet, where a draft of the bass drum is on it. In the course of it, the participants could add anything on the paper to match the bass

drum. The winner will be selected in terms of “Creativity”, “Presentation”, “Skills” and “Perfection”.

🥁Deadline: 31/8

🥁Fee: Free-of-charge

🥁Grading criteria: Creativity, coloristic.

🥁Awards: E-certificate will be sent via email.

Don't hesitate to join our competition to inspire your imagination!

Send us a drawing, show us your creativity!

Instagram: appercussions

Facebook: Asia Pacific Percussion Society

Email address:


Strike up Asia,

Tap on Pacific hearts.

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