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Join the Asia Pacific Percussion Online Competition!

Do you want to be part of the Asia Pacific Percussion Competition? Do you want to be our Young Artist to let more people know more about you? Here is the Competition takes place in APPS:


1. Classical

2. Modern


1.Primary school group (Age 6-12)

2.Secondary school group(Age 11-17)

3.Open group (Age under 25)

4.Professional group (no age limit)

5.Team (no age limit, each team should have at least one student included)

PLS shout out our slogan ‘Tap on Pacific hearts, Strike up Asia’ at the beginning of your video!

Free Admission!

- Application start date: 05/07/2020

- Application deadline (submission of video): 16/08/2020

- Announcement of results and awards: 31/08/2020

Great prizes wait for you!!

Online application: Asia Pacific Percussion Online Competition Form (

Please feel free to contact us via

Instagram: appercussions

Facebook: Asia Pacific Percussion Society

Email: if you have any inquiries.

Tap on Pacific hearts,

Strike up Asia.

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