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🇮🇳Mr. Tanmay Mukherjee's Interview highlights

Meet Tanmay Mukherjee, an India based percussionist, and drummer.

He learned Indian Classical Music and Western Music and he combined both genres to form a fusion of rhythms. Besides, Tanmay was also a well-known one working in Bollywood, the education industry, and reality shows on national televisions.

Tanmay Mukherjee is an internationally acclaimed percussionist. He is the band endorsee of Gappu, the first wooden percussion company in India. Not only did he collaborate with various international bands and artists including the Poets of the Fallen, but also performed over 800 shows nationwide. He was invited to perform in the Malaysian Percussion Festival 2017 as the first Indian percussionist.

Apart from performance, Tanmay is devoted to education. He taught the latest percussion and drums techniques in school workshops while introduced percussion music to the underprivileged. Other than teaching, Tanmay also gave a speech on the TED stage in 2019. He inspired millions of young percussionists and percussion companies around India.​


Interview Highlights

1. Tabla is an ethnic instrument in India. Its surface was mostly made of buffalo and goatskin in the old days. Pakhaah is another Indian ethnic instrument which is played in the temple.

2. To tone the pitch of Tabla, hammers are needed to move the logs around the tabla.

3. In the earlier times of India, people can only get degrees and certificates of Indian classical music. Nowadays, as modern music are more popular among teenagers, they usually take western music tests such as ABRSM, Trinity, and Rockschool.

4. Though it takes 8-9 years, people can learn either Indian classical music or modern music in the universities.

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