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Percussion is believed to be the oldest musical instrument on earth, Started from the 20th century, Western Percussion has developed fast to become the main aspect of the percussion family.


The culture of percussion is always accompanied with the rise of human civilizations.  In fact, almost every ethnic has their own style of percussion instruments. For instance, China, Korea, Japan, India and Africa have different cultures of percussion. The Gamelan from Indonesia, Bamboo Xylophone from Vietnam, Samba from Brazil, are all unique percussion instruments that represent different cultures. Perhaps, there are a lot of unknown, or lost percussion cultures waiting for us to explore and pass on.

In 2019, Asia Pacific Percussion Society (APPs) is officially founded. APPs is a registered  non-profit organization and originated in the Asia world of city and the pearl of the east - Hong Kong. APPs aims to become the supporting centre of promoting different percussion culture in Asia Pacific. 

敲擊樂 Percussion 這個名詞由西方傳入,而西洋敲擊樂 Western Percussion從20世紀開始得以高速發展成為主流。

可是,敲擊樂文化其實由每一個人類文化起源間相互伴隨著,近乎每一個民族均有屬於他們的民族敲擊樂器Ethnic Percussion。中國、韓國、日本、印度、非洲有著不同的鼓文化,印尼Gamelan、越南Bamboo Xylophone、巴西Samba等獨特民族敲擊樂器。更多未知的,或已經失傳的,就像人類文化與起源般,值得我們發掘與承傳。

2019年 亞太敲擊樂薈 APPs 正式成立,為註冊非牟利機構,總會扎根東方之珠Asia World City - 香港 Hong Kong。自始,亞太各國代表及聯絡辦事處每年增加,願景成為推動亞太各國敲擊樂文化的最大支援中心。


Vision 願景

Become the supporting centre of promoting Percussion culture in Asia Pacific District


Establish the Asia Pacific Percussion Research Centre


Establish the Asia Pacific Percussion Academy


Set up the Asia Pacific Art Fund: Sponsoring activities for education, culture exchange or holding seminar 







Mission 使命

Developing and passing down the identities of the Asia Pacific Percussion cultures

Educate, Perform, Research and Discuss about the art of percussion

發掘與承傳 亞太各國民族敲擊樂 身份認同


Image by Mitchell Luo

East Asia

the eastern subregion of Asia. includes Four Asian Tigers.

Image by Ricky Singh

South Asia

territories of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Image by Milada Vigerova

Southeast Asia

includes ASEAN, Tiger Cub Economies.



includes Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

Image by Joris Visser

Asia Pacific

The center if East-West cultural exchange.

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