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16/8 Interview Highlights✨

16/8 Interview Highlights✨

Chaeyeong Lee is a Korean percussionist 🇰🇷who enjoyed success in various fields, namely as a soloist, chamber musician and as an orchestral musician. Here are some highlights of that day for you in case you missed it.

1. Chaeyeong’s dream is to be an orchestral musician.

2. She got a full scholarship from the Singapore government to study at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

3. She had many overseas performances and the most memorable one is in “Around the world in 80 minutes” in Kuching, Malaysia. In the performance, she played the Korean Traditional piece “Arirang” and she enjoyed sharing music ideas and experience with seniors in different countries.

4. Chaeyeong is passionate about Traditional Indonesian Music like Gamelan, which does not require any score of music but performed by memory.

5. She also loves Orchestral Music, especially French music because of its magical feeling. Her favourite composers are Debussy and Raphael.

If you wish to review the whole interview, please visit this link

Thank you Chaeyeong for her inspiring sharing with us!

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